Life of the Average Day Sucker
Name: Yokkilo Lamechi
Purpose: tbd

Matthew 22:37-39
Ephesians 4:26-32
Proverbs 3:1-12

My hobby is living
  • Questions?
  • cannot sleep. so much the excitement.

    I feel the warm lights shining on my table it reflected 
    The coffee in my stomach kept me focused and invested
    But even if it didn’t I was never 
    a big fan of it
    could never drink a can of this
    on this night I’ll handle it
    cause this is really nice 

    we’re sitting by the avenue
    A bunch of homey tabletops 

    and people on a carousel 
    The weather isn’t terrible
    a little cold, 
    but bearable

    Lord, if they only knew them nights it took
    Burnt candles by the dozen to ignite the soul fire
    Sheer energy to release to melt the heart
    Mind starved, voice craved onto wax
    and still get taxed
    Relax, unrest unless undressed to the core
    Ever so slowly, wash away old skin like springs of sulfur
    So far so good, what’s life got to offer?

    Youth stare curiously analyze the facts
    Who’s there to encourage give a pat on their back
    How come society wanna grow and ignore small dreams
    Big team, now every work is a chore
    I adore each step, hop skip a cadence
    Travel distant in the age of decadence
    Do this in reverence to the older veterans
    Stripes on their chest plus a chip on their shoulder
    Street soldiers cut without severance
    But keep hustling anyways for the L or the F of it
    Effervescent light guide the way
    Fear no evil, once lost now found
    Like the last man down in the towering inferno of Babylon
    First In Last Out


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